Missing teeth make it difficult to chew and speak. Tooth loss may also make you stifle your smile and your laugh. Unfortunately, missing teeth can affect every aspect of your life.

There are plenty of ways to repair your smile and get you smiling again. We are passionate about creating beautiful, confident smiles for all of his patients. One of the restoration methods we offer is a set of high-quality dentures.

Removable dentures have been around for years because of their proven success in restoring beautiful smiles. We work with an experienced denturist who can create a set of dentures that are custom-fit to your smile and built with the highest quality materials.

Your new dentures will give you a sense of comfort and security in your daily life. You will be able to smile surely and laugh happily each day.


Complete dentures, or full dentures, are used to replace a full arch of teeth. This total replacement system can be used on the upper or lower teeth, or both! Full dentures include a gum-colored base and realistic replacement teeth. They form a seal with the gums to stay in place.

Happy Old Couple


Partial dentures fill in the spaces left by a few missing teeth. They anchor to the surrounding natural teeth and prevent the rest of the smile from shifting. Partial dentures blend in with the existing teeth and give you back the functional smile you need.


Many factors play a part in your denture decision.

  • How many teeth are missing?
  • What does your budget look like?
  • What do you expect from the aesthetic and function of your dentures?

all of our dentures are designed with durability and stability in mind. We can help you decide which dentures will benefit you most.

Our team cares about more than just our patients’ smiles. We care about your wellbeing and your quality of life! To schedule your visit, call us at Cascadia Family Dental today.