The Cascadia Family Dental team is an amazing group of individuals who are driven by excellence to provide personalized care and treat patients as if they were family. This attribute is a continuation of efforts made involving more than fifty years of dental service in our current location. Our hygienists, assistants and front office team are highly proficient in their roles and keep a light, fun-loving energy in order to make our patients feel comfortable and at ease from the reception area to the dental chair. Our hygienists are among the highest caliber of oral healthcare professionals – they are thorough and extremely compassionate towards our patients. Our assistants are great at getting to know our patients and how best to handle their unique concerns and treatment. Our business team is remarkable in their ability to help navigate the financial aspect of coordinating dental care and making our office a comfortable place for patients beginning with their first phone call. Please feel free to take a moment and familiarize yourself with each team member in the following descriptions and know that collectively we strive to make your dental experience an exceptional one!