If the thought of sitting in the dental chair causes you anxiety that is difficult to bear, come talk with Dr. Adams about sedation dentistry. We would love to have a cost-free, commitment-free consultation with you to discuss ways we can make your dental experience significantly better.

There are many patients who need a dental procedure to protect their oral health, but they can’t bring themselves to schedule an appointment. Other patients would love a smile makeover, but the idea of sitting through the treatments is enough to send them running. Sedation dentistry can change those fears and make any procedure not only possible, but completely comfortable.

Dr. Adams is qualified in sedation dentistry and uses the safest dental sedatives to help you feel secure. To find out if you qualify for a relaxing dental visit, call our office today.

Oral Conscious Sedation | We can prescribe a medication that eases your anxiety during your appointment, and leaves you with no unpleasant memories of the treatment period. You will take the medication about one hour before your appointment, and then enjoy the results!

Nitrous Oxide | Nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas,” is administered to you during the appointment. We will place a comfortable breathing mask over your nose and you will immediately begin to feel the soothing effects of the safe gas. It will help you feel calm and even happy during your visit.



If you have a general anxiety or fear surrounding dentistry, or associated with a specific procedure, dental sedation can help you. Patients who have overactive gag reflexes or require lengthy or multiple procedures may also benefit from sedation.


You will remain conscious for your safety, but after the procedure is over, you may feel like you’ve just had a nap. You will be in a deep state of relaxation that is similar to sleep.


Dr. Adams and his team are completely qualified to administer dental sedation. We will constantly monitor your vitals to make sure they remain at an optimal level, and adjust your sedation as necessary. There are no long-term consequences of dental sedation.

If you have interest in improving your next dental visit with sedation, call us to schedule a consultation today.